For all entrepreneurs…


For all entrepreneurs please remove these 3 words/phrases from your vocabulary.

  1. The word “I”. Listen to yourself talk and count how many times you use the word “I”. Remove it immediately and do not be a narcissistic asshole! Seriously, carry a notepad and put a checkmark every time you use the word; You’ll be surprised.
  2. “It’s what best for my family” Bullshit! Startups are rarely what is best for your family, short term that is. Do you want safety/stability, keep your 9-5 and there is nothing wrong with that. Your family should be just as ready and supportive of the startup life, as you are. There will be ups and downs.
  3. “It’s just business” Bullshit! If you are really taking the plunge into the startup world and putting it all on the line, its personal, plain and simple. And by this I do not mean to take everything personal and be a defensive asshole; I mean, treat people like you treat your personal friends and the way you would want to be treated. Keep it real with your coworkers, clients, investors, vendors and everyone else you come in contact with. Authenticity is hard to come by these days but overly appreciated.