Can Technology Change Hiring?


“I’ve never been asked that by a recruiter before…” is what I kept hearing as I spent time interviewing candidates while researching how to bridge the gap between hiring and technology. The use of technology itself wasn’t the distinction between the questions I was asking, it was that I knew technology, and I knew the exact questions to ask that were specific to the skill sets needed for the job.

Anyone can interview and ask yes/no questions, but someone experienced in that role can ask a series of questions and pinpoint exactly where that person may or may not fit. Experience in the industry, whether it’s technology or accounting, is what will change the hiring process, not just the use of technology. 

  • An IT guy could hire better IT talent,
  • A CPA could hire better accountants,
  • And even a welder could hire better welders.

The game-changer is when we take the knowledge & experience in that industry and combine it with the use of technology and processes. For example; when a recruiter asks a potential IT talent “Do you have experience with VMware?” 99% of the time the answer is going to be YES, BUT candidates that answer yes to that question can range from entry-level to an architect. Does a recruiter know where that person fits by a simple answer of YES? The answer is NO. So with the use of technology along with experienced talent across all industries, we can change the way hiring is being done. 

 At Fetch, we’ve turned those series of questions into algorithms that learn your level of experience to match talent to jobs without the need for a middleman. Opening up direct communication between the product (talent) and the buyer (companies) removes all bias and creates a transparent hiring process.

Jason Hutson, Fetch CTO – IT guy and entrepreneur that believes in disrupting the status quo and working until things get done. Always striving to maintain balance and focus in all aspects of life.

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