The Perfect Job – Passion, People & Excitement


Throughout my professional career I was able to work in different types of environments.


  • One where I really drove myself to achieve position. But without a mentor I felt technically sound but not professionally mature. I felt lost.
  • Another where I learned a lot, especially about engagement, professional development and how to be a invested leader. Every Leader I had really invested in me.It was rewarding to work there because of the people, the work I was able to do, and the continuous development.
  • Yet another where I was very challenged, very rewarded and very stressed.


During the time of my latest transition, I focused on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be. I often debate with others on whether or not you can get a job in something that you are passionate about. Others believe that you cannot make a living doing this. I disagree, I highly disagree.

After my break I realized that I wanted to do the things I enjoy and continue to learn along the way. I wanted to influence others, enjoy my co-workers and have an impact.


  • I enjoy coaching people – individuals and managers. When I say coach I mean helping others come to their full potential.
  • Based on Marcus Buckingham’s StandOut, I’m a Connector – bringing two together for a solution. Utilizing my network to bring solutions.
  • Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a cheerleader. A loud one that will really put energy into what I believe.


I think I have that role now. As a HR Ambassador at Fetch, I am allowed to provide feedback and direction to talented individuals that will help them professionally. I also provide advice to employers on how to attract talent. – COACH

Fetch’s entire platform is automated matching for employers and talent based on skill set, environment and compensation. I am a facilitator of this when I learn more about individuals and companies. – CONNECTOR

And, I am able to spread the word of the awesomeness of this HR tool without being a salesperson. (No offense to those in sales. It’s just not my thing.) – CHEERLEADER


Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that I work with some cool cats as well.


So what is your passion, what type of culture energizes you, and what do you value? If you know that, then it is safe to say that Fetch is the tool you can use for your next gig.


I read an article on LinkedIn that the two things that make companies attractive and enjoyable for talent is excitement and opportunity. Why not have it in your role?!


As the old saying goes, “We don’t live to work, we work to live.” So why not enjoy it?!


Get Fetched


Concetta “CJ” Lewis, HR Ambassador, believes in Live, Love, Laugh and what a big laugh she has. She gets happiness from someone realizing their potential, family and chocolate.

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