I’m Still a Little High…And Birmingham Needs a Win


I am still a little high from the buzz that was created by Sloss Tech. What an epic event. The amount of work put in by Jennifer Skjellum, Greg Wingo and Telegraph Creative is not only unimaginable but also greatly appreciated. These guys did an incredible job of bringing everyone together under a united front of making Birmingham’s startup/tech scene better. And they did just that!  From great speakers, locally and beyond, to great panel discussions moderated by some of Birmingham’s finest. David Gray and David Powell did an excellent job and their commitment to Birmingham certainly is and always will be appreciated. Think about it for a minute. Gary Vaynerchuk (Vee) was in Bham, on stage at the Lyric, laying down the truth. Man, if that is not a step in the right direction for Birmingham then I do not know what is.

The truth is, per Gary Vee and we should all agree-Birmingham needs a win. A win, as defined by Gary, is a local company that delivers a  “global impact or at least national impact.” And as important, this local company needs to remain, well, local. The next great startup does not need to come out of or move to Silicon Valley to be successful. We have all the ingredients for success right here in Birmingham.  

So, who is this company or even better, companies? How can we as a city help make make them successful?

We at Fetch, along with others, feel that building a talent driven hiring platform that makes hiring great talent affordable for all certainly has the potential. Bill Smith and his team over at Shipt are doing some incredibly cool things and expanding rapidly. David Gray and the Daxko team always come to mind. Tony Summerville at Fleetio along with Chris Giattina over at BLOX are also doing incredible things. The point is that we have some really cool things going on in this city. And, we are a really cool city. Cool enough to attract great companies like sngular who traveled all the way from Spain to set up shop here . And we are honored to have you guys here, thank you.  We also have a lot of really smart people putting a lot of time, energy and money back into Birmingham. One of the many things we are proud of at Fetch is that every dollar we have spent, and there have been many, has gone back into ecosystem of Birmingham and its Tech Community. I challenge, or better yet encourage, all  businesses to do the same-KEEP IT LOCAL!

Thanks again Tech Birmingham and Telegraph Creative for all the hard work and pulling off an epic event in an incredible venue. Thanks to all the sponsors with a couple who I feel are worth an extra thank you. BBVA Compass, thank you and it is obvious you guys care with the support you continue to put back in our fine city. Teklinks, thank you and happy to see your continued support and involvement in Birmingham. Thanks to each and every sponsor, large and small, as it truly does take a village. We have some incredible momentum, incredible people with incredible ideas and passion.

So, what’s next?

Chase Morrow, Founder of Fetch – An entrepreneur with a passion and successful track record for start-ups. Now working with a talented group of individuals in an industry ripe for disruption.

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