Appreciating Technology: Why Your IT Workforce Is Crucial

Do you appreciate the technology that runs your company and the “Wizards Behind the Curtain” supporting it, or does it only come to mind when it’s not operating at 100% and you’re affected by it?

In today’s times, chances are that if the technology didn’t exist, other roles in your company would become very inefficient or halt altogether. From the janitor to the CEO, they all rely on technology in order to perform their job: The janitor would probably have a panic attack if he couldn’t clock in to start his daily routine on time and the CEO would blow a coronary artery if she couldn’t see her reports in real-time (just ask Mike Oakman aka “The Master of Reports”).

Perception vs. Actual Work Performance & Preventative Maintenance vs. Firefighting:

Paying monthly for insurance sometimes seems unnecessary unless you’ve had to use it. The IT workforce as a whole usually falls victim to this same type scenario when it’s actually quite the opposite if we think it all out.

Perception 1:
If all technology is working flawlessly, then IT is just hiding and playing video games and we really don’t need to be paying them as much as we do or do we even need them at all?

Perceptions 2:
I see the IT guy running around putting out fires all the time, he’s always stressed out and seems overworked, I think we should give him a raise.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote; “If you think training is expensive, try ignorance”. by Peter DruckerYou need to take this literally, meaning, you get what you pay for. An inexperienced IT employee is not going to know how to properly provide preventative maintenance options for your technology and this will cause them to be in that “overworked” firefighting mode that was mentioned earlier. While it’s definitely not grounds to throw more money at them, they would probably appreciate working under a more seasoned colleague.

An experienced (and therefore higher-paid) IT person will provide your company with the most efficient processes, preventative maintenance & highest up-time for your technology. But you may find yourself wondering what you’re paying them for which brings me back to perception. This IT person usually works at odd times when you’re not seeing them work and they shouldn’t be put on a normal 8-5 schedule because they know their responsibilities and are well equipped to handle them 24/7/365.

Which scenario do you think costs your company the most money?

Jason Hutson, Fetch CTO – IT guy and entrepreneur that believes in disrupting the status quo and working until things get done. Always striving to maintain balance and focus in all aspects of life.