Replaced by Robots is a Good Thing?


I recently had a call with an individual that built a talent profile on Fetch.  Getting to talk to so many different individuals is one of the great parts about being a Coach at Fetch. I get to know people from different backgrounds, point of views and passions.

Okay, back to my story.

This guy, I’ll call him Joe for this sake of this story. Joe has had an incredible career in advertising, cinematography, photography, and a wealth of other areas associated with what he calls human experience (instead of user experience).  That’s a totally different conversation. Currently he is very interested in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and how it has changed and will change how everyone does business.   Augmented reality is something like what Magic Leap does as a company.

Ultimately he shared a thought about this that I never considered. Many people think that AR/VR and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace a lot of people in the workforce.  Which could be true? But instead of focusing on putting people out of jobs, it allows people to actually do things that matter. Instead of living to work or even working to live, people will finally be able to focus on their true passions and doing things the make a difference in the world.

Wow! Mind blown. I never thought about it in that manner.  The thought of being freed up from the requirement to work a mundane job with set hours to go out and do something that makes the world go round or whatever your passion is.

Brene’ Brown challenges us in a different way to be courageous to follow our passions. See here talk below.


So…will you be forced to follow your passion by AI or will you be courageous, get ahead of the game and go after your passion now.  

Passion + Preparation = Success: It’s possible.


Concetta “CJ” Lewis, HR Ambassador, believes in Live, Love, Laugh and what a big laugh she has. She gets happiness from someone realizing their potential, family and chocolate.

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