What do we mean by Talent-Driven? And why should you care?

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Few prospective employees ever get a peek behind the curtain to see how the recruiting and hiring process really works. If you’re a prospective employee, you probably have no idea what happens to your resume once you press send on that employer website or shoot a message to an email address like “hiring@dreamcompany.com.” You’ve probably had the experience of being hounded by agency recruiters but receiving little-to-no feedback. Or you’ve sent your resume to a company’s in-house recruiter, never to hear from them again. In-house recruiters are notoriously overworked, understaffed, and working with outdated equipment. That’s why they turn to agencies, who are more interested in making the sale than matching talent to opportunity.

Recruiting is broken. We believe the solution is to let talent drive the process.

So what is Talent Driven? Simple—the talent always makes the first move. Candidates choose companies they’re interested in before the company even sees their profiles. That’s not always been the norm, and it makes a big difference. Talent leading the process means no more “blind” job ads and no more spam job ads. It’s better for companies, too, because higher-quality talent prefers the kind of transparency Fetch offers.

We’re not alone in figuring this out. Even recruiting dinosaur LinkedIn is starting to catch on, though it’s probably too late for the bloated behemoth. BHMBIZ magazine explains our talent-driven process really well.

We believe:

  1. Talent profiles should always be private until they choose to be seen.
  2. Companies should compete for talent.
  3. The hiring process should always be initiated by the talent
  4. The hiring process should be transparent, unbiased, and affordable.

The “rules” for engaging talent are finally changing. If you’re an employer, you need to have a great employer brand (something we’ll discuss next week with guest blogger Mike Dickinson).

You also need to stand for something, and the talent needs to be able to find out what that something is, quickly . We drip real jobs to your phone, and the talent chooses if they are interested, or not. Simple, effective, accurate and affordable. That’s how we do it at Fetch!

Chase Morrow, Founder of Fetch – An entrepreneur with a passion and successful track record for start-ups. Now working with a talented group of individuals in an industry ripe for disruption.

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