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Even though the economy has shown less than admirable growth, the war to hire great talent is as competitive as it has ever been, especially in the trades and technology sectors. Colleges, universities and technical schools produce a limited amount of graduates each year to meet the demand for these growing markets. Staffing and consulting firms charge an impressive markup or referral percentage for sending you candidates. The post and pray method (place an ad on Monster or in the paper hoping someone qualified actually sees it) is dying on the vine faster than a Mississippi tomato in late September.

So the question is….how do you find talent to fill those open positions???

Most recently I was the Director of Talent Acquisition for an organization employing over 5000 people. During those four years, I saw an evolution in the way companies attract talent and employed some of those techniques for the organization. Here are my recommendations on how hiring managers can attract the great talent they need:

  1. Tell your story – The question to ask is, “Why would someone want to work for my company?” If you can’t answer that question and spread the message, then it’s time for an employer brand analysis to measure how your current employees view your company and how potential employees view your company.
  2. Have a great candidate experience – Is it easy for someone to apply for a job with your company online or do you still have the old printed application that takes 30 minutes to complete? Today there are many tools that allow you to create a positive candidate experience without having to make a huge investment in technology. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone to apply for a job. The Fetch platform is a great example- affordable ($99/mo) and talent-friendly (signup takes less than 3 minutes).
  3. Take advantage of talent matching programs – There are couple of firms that have launched recently that allow you to place your openings on their database and then use impressive algorithms to match the talent you need with the requirements of your job… without the high agency fees.
  4. Social media – I would venture to say that almost everyone you know has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn account. A 2015 survey by LinkedIn showed that 57% of  participants considered themselves “passive job seekers”. These people hang out on social media. If you aren’t putting your company story on these mediums then you’re missing out on a huge talent pool!

These four suggestions only scratch the surface of talent attraction and recruiting. There are so many other tools such as employee referral programs, talent networks, and video messaging that can succeed with the right strategy and implementation. Just remember, your next superstar employee is probably sitting on Facebook right now… you just need to tell your story so they can see it.

Mike Dickinson is the Managing Director of Fuse Talent Solutions, a Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding firm that helps companies devise and implement solutions to attract and acquire great talent.


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